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With the start of this crazy exhausting and busy period called Exams, my attention has immediately become divided between Resort collections and Studying. Of course I know my priorities and have my goals, but COME ON! You, people from fashion industy, should sometimes think about us, mortals! Am I really supposed to just ignore all of the collections and carry on with the studying? (Well, yes, I should probably do the exact thing.)

But as you might know, I'm not totally immune and cannot neglect my inner Fashionista or whatsoever. And this is what happens when my Geek and Fashionista collide, converting the exams into the runway.

When Resort meets Exams....

Exam situation #1

When I look like Courtney Love on her (not exactly) best days, but still think like Hawking on his (really) best days.

Lanvin Resort 2016

Exam situation #2

When all I do is multitasking, multitasking, multitasking.

Maticevski Resort 2016

Exam situation #3

When I try to leave the exam in style while being totally mad, still knowing I have to look graceful.

Rochas Resort 2016

Exam situation #4

When I try to sneak in/out, totally incognito. Also applicable when I don't want to say hello. 
(We've all been there, right?)

3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2016

Exam situation #5

When I try to look cool in some cool clothes, hiding the fact that I'm completely uncomfortable.

Stella McCartney Resort 2016

Exam situation #6

When I come to the exam almost naked because of the heat waves and crazy high temperatures, but it sends a totally wrong message.


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  3. Haha such a cute post! Hope the exams went well :-)