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Summer's finally over and now we can talk about some real clothes.

As always, Paris is my street style favorite. Even though we're seeing almost the same faces in every city of the Fashion Week Four, I think every street style has its own vibe and its own personality. One can easily wear yellow plus orange plus cobalt blue at Milan Fashion Week, but turn into a pastel queen for the one in Paris.
In fact, Paris is my all time favorite. Not only when it comes to street style, I truly enjoy seeing and reading about the shows. I may not be objective (blame it on the French studies), but that's just how it is. C'est comme ça.

And today we've gathered to celebrate the extraordinary street style from the city of lights. I'm free to say it's a tradition on the blog. I'm showing you what I would wear if I ever got invited to (and/or crashed) PFW. 

What would Anja wear to Paris Fashion Week?

1. Black
The one non-colour I'd always opt for, the one that's my go-to, the one that fits perfectly. Doesn't matter if it's just one piece or all black outfit, there's something so powerful in knowing to wear black.
P.S. Not sure how many times I've said it, BUT do you see how beautiful Bella is?
P.P.S. The second photo pretty much sums up my personal style; high-waisted black pants and off-shoulder sweater are basically my uniform.

2. Baby pink
Thanks to Caroline Issa now we can officially recycle our pink coats from last year. And that's what I love about street style - it takes only one person to (re)make the trend.

3. Monochrome
Less is more.
Effortlessly chic.
Simplicity's the key.
If you're familiar with the expressions above, then it's all very obvious.

4. Print
a) Because who am I to say no to animal print?!
b) Because who are you to say no to stripes?!

 Don't forget to keep everything else simple. Or forget it. The choice is yours.

All from Vogue.com