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Hello hello! 
Long time no post.
Well, my exams are (almost) over and I'm back to dedicate more time to the blog.

So. February's here. That shorty that makes us think about gifts. Again.
Some people get tired after one gift season. I don't. In fact, the first three months of the year are my favorite because: 

January = New Year + Christmas = Gifts
February = Valentine's Day = Gifts
March = Birthday = Gifts

A pretty good equation, if you ask me. So I decided to make public (as public as it can be) my wishlist. You know, just in case you all have an urge to buy me something. 
By the way, modesty is so off!

Let's start.

1. Camel coat
It has to be camel and oversized. It can't get simpler than that.

2. Make up (and someone to force remind me to put in on)
I'm that girl who never buys it for herself. Who never runs out of it. I'm actually ashamed to admit that I've never bought myself a foundation. I barely ever finish the product before the expiration date. Shame on me!

3. Birthday party
For the obvious reasons (as Kanye would say: Sunglasses and Advil, last night was mad real).

4. Minimal design
I'm into minimal everything, especially when it comes to interior design and gadgets. 

5. Jewelry 
Always in need of the new one.

6. Puppies....

That will grow into a horse or a bear:

7. New car
Because who would'n want a new car?

8. Parking lot
...that is always empty. I'm only a human!

9. Saint Laurent
Ma maison préférée! I'll be happy with anything Hedi Slimane touched or designed.

10. Drown me in chocolate


  1. Love your list. I wouldn't mind a pink Cadillac either ;)
    Those puppies are sooo cute (and I laughed out load about the phrase "that will grow in to a bear or a horse, haha!)

    Jules x

    Jules x

  2. Great inspiration, love it! x