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There are two types of designers. The ones that make big changes and always experiment with their collections from season to season and the ones that stay faithful to their brand's aesthetic.  

 Therefore, when you have a lookbook with two (needless to say: sexy) girls and their B-ish attitude - the queen-of-the-party attitude, the steal-your-boyfriend attitude, the rule-the-world attitude; it's not hard to guess who is the creator of this magnificent collection.

Hint: Even though the creative director has many celebrity muses, the first place in his fashion heart is taken. And not just by anybody - Rihanna is the one who leads his army. 

Does this ring any bells? Of course it does! 
Balmain it is, who else?!
After all, there aren't many designers who can inject the Damn girl! effect into every collection and make it the part of brand's DNA. Permanently.

Am I right?