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With every year and every fashion week I get more and more sure that the best street style comes from Milan. Even though every city has its own vibe - New York always brings newest trends and line crossing in every sense, London reveals its underground scene, Paris is full of femininity and luxury and Milan... Oh boy, Milan has it all.

Not only that I enjoy seeing street fashion and how the Italian girls really rock it (I mean, really rock it), but also I have a big thing for the Italian boys. Passing the stereotypes (because who wouldn't have a thing for an Italian boy?), have you seen their style? It's a whole new level. Until recently some kind of stylish sloppiness and I don't care attitude were inevitable and necessary to get shot by any photographer. But the last few days it's just the opposite - the more preppy you look, the bigger the chance to catch photographer's eye.

As you can see below, there is some serious suit game going on. Especially suits that are everything but boring. Also, layering is playing big part here - of course, it's January, there must be some layering, but this one here is benissimo! Then there are coats; not a secret, I love men coats and this is proof why - they are perfect. No exaggeration. And finally - accessories. Just look at those hats, bags, socks, scarves, sunglasses - the final touch to the most amazing street style (ever)(not ever, probably in the last two years). 

Does anyone share this huge passion for street style with me?

Ph. credits to the best Tommy Ton.


  1. Loving these inspirational images and I absolutely love the way European women and men dress!!

    I've recently relaunched my website and would love if you could stop by and check it out! Let me know what you think xx

    Helen xx

  2. These are inspiring photos, love fashion week.

  3. Great inspiration! I love wearing my boyfriend's oxford shirts, rolled up and tied around my waist.

    - Sarah :)

  4. Great pictures and awesome style here!