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Well, the other part of January is approaching very quickly (very freakin quickly!). From this big holiday yawn we're going straight into high velocity track. It's a really unpleasant wake up call.

In just couple of days I'll get back to my go-to-exam-don't-look-homeless uniform made of black jeans, black ankle boots (the only ones I can actually drive in), warm sweater and big coat. I know, Kate (Moss - who else?)  made a statement with that look, but we can all agree that weeks of studying hard and eyes attached to any kind of screen 24/7 just won't look on me as good as they look on Kate. 

But if I skip my non fashionable exam moment and imagine myself going there super stylish, I can't help but wonder (what a SJP moment) what effect it would have. Let's start.

Anja goes to the exam dressed like:

1) Caroline de Maigret

Professor: Oooh, vous êtes arrivée! Venez, venez, ma chérie... Et après l'examen vous voulez aller boire un verre? (Ooh, you have arrived! Come, come, my dear... And after the exam you wanna go grab a drink?)
Anja: Bien sûr! (Of course!)(smoking her cigarette while doing the test)

2) Barbara Martelo

Anja: I'm so sorry I'm late, I hate being late, it's just that I had to pose to all of the street style photographers and you know, it ain't easy walking in these heels, and after the exam I have a show to attend (...)
Professor (stylish one): Oh, honey, I completely understand, and dressed like that... well, let's say your chance of passing the exam increased by fifty percent.

3) Rihanna

Professor: You're attitude alone is enough. No need for you to do the test, you passed the exam only by showing up. 

4) The Olsens

Professor: Homeless center's on the other part of the street.
Me: ...


  1. Awsome post !! Love it !! Very femenin !!

  2. great post and cool inspiration! ;)
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  3. stilish ! LOVE the high boots ! :D

  4. love this post! I had so much fun reading it ♥ please more of this kind of post to come sweetie!!

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