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Good morning, world!

Today's fashion forecast predicts lots of playing.

But first, I must ask - do you love matching outfits with your friend(s)? 
I don't mean copying or wearing all the same, no; I'm talking about coordinating style and colors of your outfits coincidentally. Don't you love that telepathic fashion connection? I know I do.

What I'm offering you today is the example of great outfit matching and style coordination. This is an editorial, so minus the coincidence factor. Two models, Sarah and Julia, hit the streets for the 13th issue of Le Mile magazine. 

Wrapped in black, gray, camel and brown, the girls seem to be having fun and are playing around in the streets. Dynamic, fun, perfectly styled and capturing every detail - just the type of editorial I like.

At the end, girls just wanna have fun, right?