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With all of Victoria's Secret angels still flying around blogs, news and social media in their colorful lingerie sets and sparkly wings, it's quite easy to get lost and blinded by inevitable beach waves, blushed cheeks and pink lipgloss. Sure, all of that has its purpose and the first thing that comes to anyone's mind when they see it is: Show. Spectacle. Bodies.

As it should be.

But when you take off all of the (un)necessary props (clothes included), you get equally -if not more- beautiful women. And this type of editorial is just what I love: black and white, with high contrast, great light, a bit of nudity, beautiful women. I find such editorials interesting, provocative, fresh; a perfect balance to what we see on VS show.

So which one of Angels' editions do you like more - runway or raw?


  1. I actually kind of prefer models with props than without. I'm not a big fan of nude bodies posed and arranged to look optimal. I prefer natural things to look more natural. These girls (and all girls) are gorgeous either way, but I do prefer more naturally posed nudes :)


    1. Yes, I agree with you on bodies being posed and arranged, but I really like the final result. Thank you for the comment!