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Ciao a tutti, it's me - back and alive!
On today's menu we have some much missed street style, straight from bell' Italia.
(Don't mind my language schizophtenia, I can't help it.)

What I love most about Pitti Uomo is its street style, well dressed men overflowing the streets... You know what I mean. But for some reason, particularly at men's shows, girls are the ones who get my full attention (sorry, boys).

And it's not just about the style, which is perfect by the way; it's about their attitude, their swag, may I add. They smoke on the street, they barely pose for the photographers, they often come in perfectly styled group, they don't style their hair (this is almost french chic), they are cool enough to hang with all the boys. And they never ever wear anything minimal or monochrome.
 This is their domaine, their field, their home.
Whether they want it or not - they're stealing the show.