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No, I mean, it's for the boys. 
And for the girls who want to buy toys for their boys.

It's almost that time of the year (read: spending money buying gifts for others) and it seems appropriate to write a post about it. 

I discovered a label Brosbi recently and shame on me for that! 
Found in Germany in the end of 2012 by Yves-Oliver and Dennis Wilke, Brosbi shows creative way of expressing fashion style and language of today through their collection. And what a collection it is!
Besides endlessly cool and street-style inspired clothing, you can find accessories that every boy loves. 

Notebook with strong and meaningful words on the cover (such as Boobs&Butts)? Checked.
Postcard with a message written on it, so they don't have to think about it at all? Checked.
Local German vodka or gin in handcraft bottles? Checked.

So I couldcall  this my petit holiday gift guide.
I wouldn't mind having something from Brosbi as well.
Go get inspired and start spending money!