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Once upon a super sunny Wednesday, Anja decided to play dressing up. She put on on her sunglasses, turned on some music (superloud (home alone)) and turned her camera timer on. All resulted with poor quality shots (as always) and posing the same way twice. Anja did this so that her blog doesn't forget her face, but she sincerely hopes promises she'll make it all better in 2015. 

She couldn't decide if she should wear fringed camel coat or just wrap herself in her new blanket, so she did both. Tailored black jumpsuit is her to-go option for every party, and even though it's not very practical, she highly recommends it this holiday season. She is well aware that black pumps would do much better job, but these nudes were the first in her closet and the music was so good she didn't wanna waste time.

...and she lived happily ever after.
This was never meant to be published.

p.s. It's a shame you can't hear the music in the background.
p.p.s. Timer is the only photographer in front of whom I'm not shy.