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Great music goes along with great fashion.

A girl whose voice was one of IT voices of the year, a girl who published her debut album in September and made the world go crazy about her. Yes, I'm talking about Banks.

Not only is she a real diamond of music scene, but also she has a specific beauty (just look at her eyes).
Well, everything about her is very unique - her voice, her look, her videos, her songs... 
Speaking of songs - they are a slow addiction; you'll have to listen to them many times, but once you'll start singing them... well, you'll see. Not easily get out of your head.

For those who haven't heard about Banks - Youtube. Immediately.

So here she is, wearing Chanel Resort 2015 for December issue of InStyle magazine.
She's really something, right?


  1. u r gorgeous!

  2. OMG OMG!!! LOVVVE all the sparkles!!! SOOOO CHIC! SOOO AMAZZZING!
    xoThe Beckerman girls

  3. PS- and love BANKS!! INCREDIBLE!!! Her voice is sooo gorgeous!