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While waiting for temperatures to drop down, I must admit that I actually love fall. Even though I hate when I'm cold (which is 90% of time), I enjoy playing with clothes in the fall. It's cold enough to layer and warm enough to show your layers - a perfect combination. This indian summer that we're having is so boring! 

And so for this fall I can't wait to wear...

Probably the most sophisticated color when it comes to coats (besides black). It looks the best paired with black, white, grey or even another shade of camel. It makes everything look slightly more expensive.

It can be tricky to wear, but I've been loving animal prints for quite some time. I would wear it all: tigers, leopards... even Bambi! Put your favorite animal on and you don't have to worry about the rest of the outfit.

(All) Black.
This is my uniform. Every fall/winter I try not to wear all black and switch to some colors, but it's not functioning. I love black, I feel good in black, black is everything to me! To avoid monotony play with forms, materials and textures. Fun is guaranteed. 



  1. Anja, a je l' bi mogla ti svakog dana da stavljas nove postove? (predobri su, bas uzivam u ovim slikama i tvojim uvodnim tekstovima) :))

  2. The site looks great, nice and clean design and a great concept. I have added it to the list;

  3. Prelepe slike :) Volim kamel kapute :)