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Since there's a lot of retro fashion going on this year (nineties ruled the summer scene and sixties are huge this fall/winter), I knew I'd like it. Before my all minimalism era, I used to love retro fashion, but more in a way playing with it than actually wearing it. The one thing (trend) I still love after many years is animal print (sans zebra, please!). I like how it can make the whole outfit complete (and chic, and provocative, and sexy, and incredibly cool), yet you have to be very careful with it (and avoid looking trashy).

And here comes Gucci.
These Fall 2014 pieces look so good! And I'm a little bit in love with those boots. 
I think I might found this season's favorite(s).

Do you like it?


  1. All those pics are so lovely! :)

  2. Love the post. A new post has come up on mine, hoping you would take a look!

    Love x

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  3. I love all of these pictures! great post :)