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Bonjour, pretty faces!

Let's start this week right!

Although it's hard to find anything inspiring on a grey Monday morning, I decided to show you what's been cooking on my Motilo profile for the past month. It's mid-November and holiday party season is on its way, so it's not that hard to guess what are the main ingredients in today's mix. 

We have some warmer clothing (this MSGM oversized camel coat is a true beauty), some skirts (I've just realized they make the biggest part of these looks) and, of course, some killa shoes! Many dilemmas, one solution: opt for something that will make you both look good and feel good.

How to wear thigh high boots?

I put three of my favorite pieces together: thigh high boots, big cozy sweater and camel coat. Could this be any better?

What to wear to look like a top blogger?

This was a piece of cake. We've all been witnesses of sneaker takeover. And many bloggers didn't resist wearing this uniform: skit + sneakers + hat + expensive statement details. Checked.
What to wear to (your boyfriend's) Christmas party?

Well, the answer is simple - you need to look ah-mazing! Feather dress will definitely make the noise, and with just enough glitter on your accessories, you will be the the queen of outfits (there is a title, right?).

What to wear to stop traffic with your feet?

What to wear to show your legs off?

Another party-ish look in a row. I finally ditched black and this time opted for navy (big difference, I know). This is the one where everything matches. And what better way to show off your legs than with a mini skirt and extraordinary heels?

 How to wear and rock the 70s look?

You can find the answer here.

What to wear to go shopping in Paris?

Another one with the camel coat; just add a few Marant and Saint Laurent pieces and you're set to go.


  1. Jolie selection !

    Un concours est en ligne sur le blog!
    Viens gagner ta paire de lunettes :
    Coline ♥

  2. My gosh I love all these looks! Particularly the christmas party, traffic stopping and seventies looks, so cool :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

  3. I am loving your choices, but especially your skirt choices are amazing~!! I want them all. xx


  4. love these combos

  5. Love the combos! And the names are so fun, they make this post special :)


  6. Nice post, interesting pieces.