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Outside the runways there can be only one thing - more runways. Those wearable, personal, exciting, extremely important, can I take a photo of you runways.

Whether you're a blogger, editor in chief, stylist, model, photograph, celebrity, homeless (...) you must look/get street styled (or you can be yourself)(nah, I'll go with the street styleeeh crew). What I see is that oversized, normcore, some flats and some stilettos, statement accessories (not too much of arm parties tho), interesting forms almost all without any prints (or some simple prints like stripes, dots etc.) are taking all over the street style fashion.

Tommy and Phil still have couple of days left to capture, but I couldn't resist sharing some of the photos taken so far. 

And one more interesting thing: the greatest Motilo crew is taking over NYFW, helping you understand the language, style and the whole atmosphere. Also, I'm sharing some of my Motilo NYFW-ish looks, I think they would pretty much blend in with these fashionable photo gang!

So, you know.. Click and enjoy!

...and some of my ideas