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I'm starting to think that the essence of fashion week is not fashion itself... well, not strictly the one that's shown on runways. Fashion is changing. Opinions and boundaries also. Fashion weeks are not about showing the new collections for a while now; street style and front rows are slightly more important nowadays. 

As the years go by, I see a big change chez moi - only a few years ago the most exciting thing for me was to see and try catch up with all of the new collections; then I realized it was impossible and a bit brain damaging and decided to stick with dozen designers I love and check on their work/art regularly. And yeah, I could say that I respected my decisions, that is, until I discovered my enormous love for street style and good photography in general. 

And so here I am - lover of street style and backstage. That's where my mental fashion evolution brought me to. I don't even check runways anymore. It all comes down to this: unofficial moments became my favorite ones. The way photographers make the mess behind the scenes look like an editorial... incredible!
(Don't get me wrong - if I had a chance to attend a show, it would be a dream! But with one little backstage pass... I'd probably die.) 

NYFW - all photography from Vogue, I only chose my favorites.

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