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So, here it is: my first wannabe outfit post (as I've been planning to do one, these photos seemed like a decent start). They were taken in Rhodes, mostly in Mandraki Harbour.

The colors are surreal, it's a turquoise paradise. 
Seeing two seas meeting and creating that beautiful blue-shaded rainbow... Breathtaking! 

And about the outfit: when it comes to exploring town in the middle of August, you need to wear something that won't make you melt (yet something chic enough not to be embarrassed in 5, 10, 20 years when you look at the photos). I opted for basic colors and simple forms and did some maths here: red lips + red shorts, white top + white hat, blue sandals + blue sea. The result is yours to judge. 

You know what to do, I'd be more than glad to hear your opinions. 


  1. Anjice, bas sam zeljno iscekivala ovakav tvoj post! Samo tako nastavi, divno ti ide. :***