WHEN IN RHODES: Bits & Pieces

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You know how we all like to make a little fun of Japanese tourists and their obsession to take picture of everything? 

Well, I was that kind of tourist! I simply could not resist leaving Rhodes and not having every single thing documented in my camera. 
Everywhere you turn there's something that will catch your eye: whether it's the sun going up/down (I've never seen sunrise and sunset resembling each other so much, they are almost the same!), amazingly blue water or narrow streets of Old Town.

I didn't expect Old Town to be that big! There are wide streets and squares crowded with people, restaurants and cafes; and there are little treasures such as narrow, empty streets where you can see the real Greek heritage, but also the influences of other cultures (some parts seriously reminded me of Venice).

One of the most magical things I saw in my whole life was seeing two seas meet. The impossibly turquoise Aegean and deep blue Mediterranean create, pardon my shallow language, the most perfect ombre shades I've ever seen. 
The water is so clear and transparent, even in the harbour, which is a rare thing to see.

This is a part of what I managed to catch through my (not so pro) lenses. Hope you'll like the photos. 

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