End of and Era

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Today, we were witnesses of the end of an era - the Gossip Girl Era. Even though Gossip Girl wasn't predictable and often it gave us unpleasant surprises, I must say it gave us the perfect fairytale closure with happy (the happiest) end. 
During these 5 years we took different sides, we were queen B or beautiful S, we fell in love with Chuck and Nate and Dan over and over again, sometimes we were just a little jealous of their lives, clothes, or jobs, we learned how to pull out the biggest schemes, but in the end we were always coming back to have some more. 
Dear friends, I sincerely hope that you don't feel disappointed now and that you enjoyed Gossip Girl as much as I did. Don't worry, the new GG is just around the corner.

I will finish this post like this:
You know you love me.
XOXO, Anja

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