These days' crush: Streetstyle

3:15 AM toujoursAnja 7 Comments

Some of the streetstyle looks I'm in the mood for these days. All taken during the fashionweeks. Get more here
p.s. There's something about Tuesday that really gets me in the posting mood.
p.p.s. Bragging note: I won the third prize in Motilo's LFW competiton... I was thrilled! Not because of the prize, but because their jury actually liked one of my looks. Great feeling!

Have a nice Tuesday.
Love, Anja


  1. bas ima super kombinacija :) giveaway na mom blogu:

  2. The second picture is my absolutely favorite!

  3. I love these looks and congrats on the win!


  4. All of those looks are amazing! especially the cropped jumper with shirt!

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  5. great, this is amazing! you're really good!
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  6. Hi Anja!
    What a beautiful post :) I loved it, and I love your blog too!!!
    I found a lot of inspiration here :)

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