Say yes to the... Marchesa?

10:07 AM toujoursAnja 3 Comments

Well, it's September and it's raining. Although summer's not over, at least not officially, it really feels like fall is taking over these few days. And that made me think about weddings, don't even ask why.... Okay, I'll tell you why anyway: I saw Marchesa spring 2013 collection. Yes, it is inspired with India and Bollywood and their rich tradition, but some of the dresses can easily go as a wedding dresses. Tons of gold, silver, lace, draping and Southern-Asia-palette. And yes, it's well-known that wedding dresses should be white (or beige), but... Would you choose any other color among these? 

Have a lovely evening,
Love, Anja


  1. Preljepa kolekcija, savršen omjer vintage-a i novog doba! Love it! Divan post draga!

  2. haljine su prekrasne, svaka na svoj način. prva i četvrta su mi naj! :)
    btw. super ti je blog! :)) ako želiš možemo se pratiti? bilo bi mi drago!
    pozdrav! :***