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Fashion month is just around the corner. 

The mess.
The maddness.
The magic.

Since there will be a flood of fashion week content all around the web (in which I'll be drowning, gladly), I'm going to tell you something about my second biggest love (Paris is the first) when it comes to fashion week - Stockholm.

So, why Stockholm?

The city itself. 
Often described as 'Scandinavian Paris', Stockholm really has some of that parisian je ne sais quoi. Minimalism as a way of living, signs of scandinavian design everywhere (from buildings to bags), street style - the whole atmosphere during fashion months reminds me of Paris. Okay, and I love Ikea.

Swedish blogger scene's my absolute favorite for many reasons. 

Their style is definitely what I like the most, since it completely matches mine: it's a beautiful love story between minimalism and statements, classics and trends. (Or maybe it's an orgy?) 
They play with trends, but stay loyal to their personal style.

They have innovative young designers.
And not only do they wear them, but also almost every blogger has a label or has done a collaboration so they wear each other's pieces, pick their favorites from the collection and post about it. It's obviously a marketing thing and there's nothing romantic about it, but still it's nice to see how they're contributing and developing Swedish fashion industry.

There's a street in their street style. 
What we see in New York, Milan, London and Paris is nice, but it often feels like a show-off tour of IT girls wearing IT pieces from IT designers. It's fatiguing and no fun.
Scandi bloggers opt for high street brands as a base of their outfits, embellishing them with one to two designer pieces. Nothing extravagant, yet very stylish which is the whole point of street style, in my opinion.

They hang out. 
It's probably why I grew so fond of them. Even though most of them are represented by the same agency so they have to work and travel together, it's obvious they have great time travelling, partying, working out or brunching together.  
They often write about the importance of friendships and family, all the way letting their readers have a little insight into their personal life. And those are the stories I love to read, to be honest. 
Oh yes, and every fashion weeks starts with a big blogger breakfast, sans exception, known as 'breakfast with the crew'. So cute.

Embrace the fashion wave, people, let's go surfing!


Stockholm Spring 2017, courtesy of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

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