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This could've been a post every blog has during its (r)evolution, with attention drawing name almost every forgotten or blog under construction has - relaunch, toujoursAnja 2.0, brand new toujoursAnja etc.

To be sincere, this is the relaunch of toujoursAnja. 

But before I jump back into my beloved abysmal ocean of trends, fashion and street style, I wanted to rewrite the post from a year ago, probably the only personal post I've ever written, because this has been the most turbulent year of my life so far, I needed a clean slate and just to see how much I've changed during the past year. Here we go.

In 2015:
I realized many things.

First of all, I'm a bit spoiled. Even though I consider myself very modest, I've been a passive-aggressive drama queen for a month when I realized this summer's not going to be how I imagined it to be (full of travelling and adventures). First I was disappointed. After days of psychoanalyzing mysef, I realized that I'm very lucky to have been able to travel every year. Obviously I get carried away easily by my expectations. And then make a big fuss and act like a spoiled brat.
2016: Still modest. This has been the best and the worst summer of my life, full of travelling, adventures, adrenaline, big changes and emotional rollercoasters. I've quit being passive-aggressive drama queen - now I'm just aggressive. And a queen. And more sarcastic.

Second. Sometimes I just need to chill out. I love my routines and stick to them with great satisfaction. Classes, trainings, food, almost every single aspect of my life has a routine. This July I didn't have much time to breathe properly, so any form of routine was out of the question. I felt like I was drowning without them. At this point I need to learn to balance my life better, but without pressuring myself. Routines can be a good thing if you don't become a slave to them.
2016: Ok, I haven't mastered the balancing act yet, but I'm definitely not pressuring myself the way I used to.

Third. a) I'm very grateful for everything I have, but I wasn't actually saying 'thank you' as often as I thought. And in the time of crysis, these simple two words are just what people need to hear.
b) I expect people to tell me 'thank you' way more than I say it to them.
2016: a) I think I'm saying it more nowadays.
b) I don't expect people to tell me 'thank you' way more than I say it to them.
c) I've learned a lot about myself and it's a love-hate relationship that I have with myself right now. I've grown in every possible way by trying to finally see and accept my flaws (apparently, I have A LOT of them). Obviously I'm a bit handicapped when it comes to expressing my emotions and I'm not exactly the easiest person to talk to, so this could be a public "Thank you, Sorry, I love you" to all of the people who were (and are) beside me throughout the year.
 I must say it's not that pretty when life constantly kicks you in the ass, but I guess you also have to hold onto yourself, which I'm still learning to do. But you end up kinda... better, I guess. Richer. Stronger. (Does anyone else sing Daft Punk right now?)

 Fourth. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with my life. I know, you don't have to figure out your life in your twenties, but still it makes me wonder when I'll know exactly what I want from it.
2016: All that + to be happy every single day. Positive vibes and shit.

Fifth. I clean and do housework like a pro. Also I'm a great interior designer/stylist/decorator. My intuition is great when it comes to aesthetics. I should get paid for this.
2016: I practically became a housewife. Student-housewife if that even exists. I've mastered multitasking in every single way. Cooking, cleaning, studying, walking the dog, hanging out, training, going out, drinking, dancing. Just a regular Thursday.

Sixth. Dog. Poop. Everywhere.
2016: Well, the dog's all grown up, so: BIG. Dog. Poop. Everywhere.

Seventh. (general conclusion about the past year)
Shit happens, let's dance.

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