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I've been (and still am) consumed by interior design, decor and furniture ideas for the past few months. That's why this little place o'mine suffered a bit and was lacking the fashion content. 

Despite it all, I want to talk to you about geometry. About geometry as a way of living, as a style in general. As I look back and see how my personal style evolved from some kind of bohemian chic (wooden and dusty gold bangles were a must) to a more clean, balanced and minimal style with a notable dose of geomery elements. And that minimal game has been going on for the last few years. What got me thinking about defining my own style was a trivia - I was doing some buzzfeed quiz and was trying to respond on a very simple question: What's your favorite colour? And while I was trying to decide between orange and godknowswhat colour, my boyfriend said: It's obvious. Yours is white.
Eureka! How couldn't and didn't I see that oh-so-obvious thing? It's just a simple and banal example how often we don't see what is clear as a day.

Okay now, back to the point.

Once I've (kinda) defined my style, I could see that it's not just the way I dress. It's the way I see, think, organize. And it pretty much applies to the way I feel the space. All of my interior design ideas and inspo boards contain geometry. Whether it's furniture arrangement, rug patterns or furniture shape, some kind of balance and symmetry has to be there. 
Here are some good examples of geometric decor.