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Temperature goes above 30, city streets become crazy, sticky mess, all you want to do during the day is get locked up in your air-conditioned-17-degree room; you get bored, wishing for some wind, or rain (remember March? and all the craving for desert weather?), the only thing you wish for is your vacation... You know the drill. 

Here's the solution. If you live in a building (and have all the permissions), try organizing something like this on your roof (or balcony if it's big enough- one of my biggest wishes is to have one). 
Here are some fancy ideas, get inspired and start enjoying summer in the city. It doesn't need to be big expense: couple of pillows, lanterns, one big umbrella to cast some shade on your rooftop, some plants and one small table (you probably have it all already).

 Morning coffee, easy lunch, glass of vine or even an afternoon nap... The choice is all yours.

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