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Been projecting my outfit cravings on Motilo, as always. 

On my mental menu first of all come bare legs and some killer heels. Obviously I have a thing for orange this season; only when I go to my full profile I see what's trending in my mind. Lots of orange, crop tops, one print per outfit, one piece of (needless to say - gold) jewelry. 

One of last week's dilemmas was how to wear summer shoes, as we all know that fashion industry has kinda ditched  heels and replaced them with espadrilles, gladiators and boat shoes. Another one was about that piece that made its comeback through this season and was very popular in the past decades: the visor. I think Stella did great job with this black one, but you can always go to Motilo and see the rest.

So tell me... Which of these outfit dilemmas is your favorite?

How to wear visor in a modern way
How to wear summer shoes
What to wear for a night out
What to wear to look baddass
What to wear when it's hot in the office
How to wear a side-split skirt
What to wear on a date with footballer
What to wear to party in Rio

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