Prada Phenomenon

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When I first wrote about it, I knew it would be big. However, I've never imagined it would be this big - yes, I'm talking about the Prada phenomenon

Pop Art (and Art Pop) took over all the editorials world wide. It's all about creating a unique experience and bringing fashion and art together. And I'm not talking about forms, no, I'm talking about prints and clothes that make you look like you're wrapped in a beautiful painted canvas, like you're wearing a masterpiece.  
One maison especially stands out - Prada. If you bump into artistic editorial, know that you will most definitely see Prada. 

It's everywhere.
It's inevitable. 
It's necessary.
 It's beautiful.

Elle Canada May 2014
Marie Claire Spain April 2014
Flair Italia April 2014
Marie Claire Spain April 2014

Vogue Australia May 2014
Vogue China May 2014
Vanity Fair Italia April 2014
Vogue Mexico April 2014
Vogue Mexico April 2014


  1. Hmm, interesting. While I tend to stick to all-black, I actually like a few of these pieces. I'm loving overall aesthetic though.

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