Hello anniversary!

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    Hello, lovelies! 
First of all, I hope you had wonderful holiday time (I hope you had time for yourself to rest, relax, and of course, to partey!). I finally got home yesterday from my ski trip, and I must admit I've been missing reading blogs on daily basis. But I spent amazing time there, celebrated Christmas while skiing and enjoyed the real winter wonderland on the mountain. 
BUT (there's always a but) the thing I didn't realize until this morning is that I've been writing on this blog for a whole year now (though I'm three days late with this anniversary post)! I'm glad I entered this blogosphere, I really lovelovelove discovering new interesting people and things they write about. Maybe, just maybe someone will find this blog interesting, and I'm happy to hear from them. :)
So, long story short: thank you for reading these nonsenses and for being my inspiration. I cannot promise I'll try to write more often, because that depends on my mood, but I can promise one thing: I won't stop writing for sure!
p.s. these pics were taken last week, their quality isn't great, but their content is so nice.

Have a great week ahead,

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