Grey Tuesday and a pop of yellow

1:31 PM toujoursAnja 3 Comments

Do you know the feeling when you must must must get up, you can hardly keep your eyes open and the first thing you see is grey sky? Yep, that's it. 
Even though it hasn't ended yet, I'm free to say that it hasn't been that fun. Or exciting. Or lovely.
Well, it has included some beauty: homemade coffee with a ninth floor's view, that amazing shade of yellow surrounding us that's going to disappear very soon, a bit of fashion and a hot tea as a closure.
Hope your day was better than mine. I really do.


  1. Odakle je džemperče? Sviđa mi se boja puno :)

    1. miislim da je chic and love, ali nisam sigurna... :)

  2. kad vidim ovo Serbia not Siberia, svaki put me nasmeje :D ahaha. super post! slike su odlicno uradene , evo nesto veselo, i preporuka za restoran >