Gossip Girl: The very last season's fashion

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How much they've changed! We've been observing them during the five seasons, and now they are showing us the final touch of their change in the last, 6th season. They all started together, as students of a prestigious private high school, all wrapped-up in perfectly sewed uniforms. Each one of them had something that caught our eyes in the first place: Chuck had a well-known scarf, Blair had her berets, Serena always looked casual... Through these five seasons they have developed their personal styles that often match their personality: Chuck became a real businessman, his suits are decorated with his remarkable and unusual details such as printed ties, coats or shoes; Blair is a real lady, always perfectly dressed up, always mixing prints, but still following the latest trends in fashion industry and looking classy; Nate turned from irresponsible young lover to stable hard-working man, so his clothes define his new role; Serena still looks like she's not putting much effort in whatever she's wearing, her hair is still messy, but it suits her so damn good; Lonely Boy (Dan) still carries that Brooklyn boy look, but with much more style and money.
The final products of our favorite characters are here. They did a great job here, if you ask me (except this white suite of Chuck bellow).
Whose character and style do you like the most?

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  1. Savršeno obučeni kao i uvek. Chuck je sjajno obučen na fotografiji sa psom :) A, da, Bler mi nekako mnogo šara po stilovima - čas je obučena kao devojčica, a čas kao žena u godinama..

    Serena, kao i uvek, moj favorit :)

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