That Time Of The Year

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May is one on those months. Elegant months. 

Weddings, prom evenings, parties in the open and (oh!) red carpets. If words like 'breathless', 'stunning', 'divine' (...) are something you're hearing when you step up that red carpet (or party, for us non-immortals), you must be doing it the right way. If at least two persons have their eyes peeled on you, you know that you're a star (and by that I do not mean some Lady-Gaga-raw-meat star). So enjoy it. Be the most beautiful. Feel like it. Be beautiful for yourself, put a little bit too much effort and spoil yourself. It's May, after all, and we all deserve to feel like we're the stars.

Night: The first four looks are made to be worn at night. I opted for one bright color mixed with one basic color, luxurious jewelry and rich textures. Gold is always present, whether it's day or night look. Heels are inevitable, platforms forbidden. 

Day: Why wouldn't you look like a lady during the day? Why wouldn't you be the goddess while buying groceries, strolling around town or just having a coffee? Go monochrome with soft colors, wear ladylike dress or a skirt and put on your most beautiful flats. You'll see the result.

All of the looks cooked on Motilo, as always.


...and days

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